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Corporate Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

We can understand that you might have some questions upfront about making your application, we have summed up some FAQ’s that might be helpful to you.

What type of contract will I get?

We have Swiss contracts for the Captain and Engineer jobs because our vessels are registered in Switzerland. Currently, 1st Officers and Sailors are assigned to a Cypriot contract, with the option of switching to a Swiss contract after a certain number of years with the firm.

In what system will I work?

We use 4-2 and 2-2/4-4 systems in our operations.

Do I work on the same vessel?

Yes, each season you will be assigned to a specific ship. We seek to build teams that are extremely dedicated and devoted to one another. This enhances teamwork and provides a more pleasant environment. We want all of our workers to work in an environment that fosters teamwork and strengthens team bonds. We can accomplish more if we work together! It is possible that you will be assigned to a different ship, although this is extremely rare and only occurs in exceptional situations. This will be discussed in advance and will only be temporary.