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For years now, the river cruising industry is a rapidly growing market, more and more vacationers are discovering this luxurious and extremely relaxed way to discover Europe by boat. A great deal of developments followed in this market, the ships getting ever bigger, but especially more luxurious. When the tour operators started to build and manage and exploit their own ships on the river, the demand for professional nautical management grew and grew. This is one of the reasons why, in 2007, RiverTech was founded, and we started managing 2 ships; the Amadagio and the Amalegro. The last few years RiverTech has known a healthy growth, with about 2 newly build ships a year. Over the years, RiverTech has made a solid name for itself within this market, and is at the moment known as one of the leading management bureau’s for river cruising.

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RiverTech offers both Nautical and Technical management for the inland navigation, with the specialisation river cruising. RiverTech ensures your ship or ships are well maintained, sail safely and we will make sure there is always a skilled and experienced crew on board.

RiverTech can offer you the total package; we will completely unburden you and take responsibility for your ship or ships. The following are the departments we house: nautical management, technical management, staff management, administration, ship building and renovation, reservations (Lock&Load).

You don’t need to use all the departments, you could, for example, just let us make the reservation for you and manage your berth place.


It’s in the name: Rivertech provides nautical-technical management to the inland navigation; and the main focus is river cruising. RiverTech is active in all of Europe. We have no limitations when it comes to boating; whether it is the Rhine, Moselle, Danube, Elbe or the Seine, Rhône, Saône or the Garonne/Dordogne, we will provide what you need. Spread across Europe, our organisation resides in 3 locations: RiverTech B.V. in the Netherlands (headquarters), RiverTech Ltd. in Cyprus and RiverTech in Switzerland.

On all of these locations, we have people who have extensive experience with inland navigation. People who, as ex-captains, know exactly what they are talking about. This experience is an important aspect in our conduct of business of RiverTech. In short, RiverTech is an enterprise with a management who knows all the tricks of the trade.

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