This is Rivertech Nautical Management

Rivertech provides a complete package of Fleet Management. This complete package offers the following services:

  • Nautical Management
  • Technical Management
  • Crew Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Shipbuilding
  • ICT Management
  • Catering Management

Nautical Management

Our Nautical Department ensures that everything operates properly on board, ashore, and at the reserved berth. For example:

  • Berth reservations
  • Creating an itinerary
  • Notifications of high and low water levels
  • Certification
  • Inland navigation safety standard ISM
  • Administration of the ship (sailing records and reporting)
  • Custom formalities
  • Contact with agents in all concerning countries
  • Gas oil deliveries and gas oil bulk negotiations
  • Safety (Safety drills and audits)
  • Managing situations and incidents
  • Communication about river obstructions and blockages

Technical Management

Our Technical Department makes sure that everything on board is in working order.
This department has a lot of expertise assisting crew members on board with technical challenges like:

  • Monitoring general technical maintenance
  • Reparations (service coverage throughout all of Europe)
  • Warranty claims
  • Inspections and certifications of ships
  • Yard maintenance
  • Cloud-based technical maintenance, supported by MXSuite
  • Periodical technical inspection
  • Technical administration
  • Engine revisions on a regular basis
  • Offers for renewals and replacements
  • Damage reports
  • First line of contact with insurance companies
  • Lubricating oil procurement

Administrative Management

The administrative department makes sure that all purchases and payments are processed in budgets that are agreed upon with the customer upfront. Once a month, the customer is given an overview of:


Consolidated overviews

Calculations and controlling


Crew Management

The entire management of the crew on board is the responsibility of Rivertech. We have a wide range of employees, which allows us to assist our customers fast and efficiently while also providing qualified personnel.

Motivation, stress resistance, language proficiency, and social skills are all factors we consider while interviewing candidates. Upon request, we will set up a customized recruitment procedure to select the perfect persons.

Rivertech’s personnel can be recognized by several things. First of all, the steering wheel is always in the hands of a skilled Captain – the most important person on deck – and the entire crew is in uniform.

The Rivertech crew prefers to be on the same ship, with the same crew, when possible. This encourages bonding with the crew and the ship. We strive to bond with our staff; it would be ideal if our Sailors all became Captains in the end.


In addition, we provide entire shipbuilding services. We keep up to date on all shipbuilding developments and can provide excellent service to our customers. From the first concept to the final delivery, we’ll be there for you:

Outlines for design and construction

Guidance on building contracts

Special offers on shipyards


Construction supervision (inspection of the yard and weekly reports)

Purchasing of technical and nautical components

Advice in general (both nautical and technical)

ICT Management

Experts in the field of ship automation make up the majority of our ICT. We can assist you with the supply and maintenance of (specially built for) hard and software: the so-called Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) thanks to our collaboration with Batavier Software Support (BSS). We can track a ship 24 hours a day because of the combined power of our river navigation and ICT knowledge. We can detect a problem onboard using the Early Warning System before the crew is aware of it. Guests onboard have access to the internet and entertainment thanks to this system. This BSS-developed product is adaptable and can be customized to meet the needs and desires of the client.

Catering Management

In collaboration with a specialized catering company called “sea chefs” from Hamburg, Rivertech ensures delicious food and beverages on the river cruise ships.