1st Captain

  • Affinity with the tourism sector
  • Experience in the river cruise industry
  • Adaptable and positive attitude
  • Accurate and stress-resistant
  • Leadership skills
  • Team player
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Office package, especially Excel
  • Enthusiasm and flexibility
  • Can-do attitude
  • Good knowledge of the English and German languages (orally and in writing), and French is advantageous
  • Assertiveness and Organizational Capacity
  • Hospitality and representation skills
  • Excellent communication skills


As a 1st Captain, you are responsible for overseeing the complete operation of the vessel. The major task you have is to make sure the vessel gets from point A to point B safely. You are a skilled navigator in charge of the ship’s voyage. Captains need also be familiar with the ship’s various components and be able to operate it successfully. They should be able to properly maintain the equipment on board as well as fix any problems. Captains are also in charge of their ship’s crew and are responsible for their overall performance. During their journey, they are also in charge of operations-related activities. Captains should be able to communicate effectively, make quick decisions, and navigate with ease.

Furthermore, as a 1st Captain within our company, you are;

  • Overseeing all operations onboard the vessel, including navigation, maintenance, and compliance with the regulations.
  • Able to easily multi-task, including performing administrative duties
  • Develop and build teams.
  • Capable of securely mooring the ship and navigating through narrow spaces, such as locks, bridges, and rivers.
  • Feel and act responsibly for the ship in order to ensure the vessel’s and equipment’s effective and safe operation, as well as their compliance with regulations.
  • Instruct all new crew members in safety procedures.
  • Ability to maintain a professional, well-groomed look in accordance with business guidelines.

Job Specifications / Skills

This job combines operational and policy-related responsibilities. Flexibility, stress resistance, professional competence, and social skills are all required for this job. 1st Captains must be competent in communication, administration, and problem-solving. They must be able to adapt to changing situations and respond quickly in an emergency. 1st Captains must also be familiar with nautical laws and regulations.

  • Knowledge of nautical rules and regulations is essential
  • A thorough understanding of navigational procedures is required
  • Excellent leadership and communication abilities
  • Interpersonal interactions with the crew and passengers are excellent
  • Rapid response to unexpected emergencies
  • Conscious presence
  • Ability to make powerful decisions
  • In times of crisis, you must have a strong will and the ability to motivate yourself

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