Marvin Fromm about the river cruise family

Posted on: 2 June 2022

Rivertech regularly recruits new nautical and technical staff for positions aboard its luxury river cruise ships. Captain Marvin Fromm (28), is one of them and he loves to talk about his wonderful job, for which he travels on the European inland waterways:
“Four years ago I was the 1st Captain on the Vera Fuerte, a RoRo ship that sails on the Rhine-Vlissingen-Antwerp connection. A family member enthusiastically tipped me off about the ‘world of cruise shipping’. Now, as the 1st Captain of mps Asara, my team and I are responsible for the ins and outs during many beautiful journeys,”

Fromm states enthusiastically.

He adds: ‘the show’ starts when I step out of my cabin. Guests and team members need to recognize you as a Captain. If you arrive somewhere late, 190 people think you should get going already.”

Match with Rivertech

During the orientation for a new job, Fromm had discussions with various parties.

“With Rivertech I had the best click. It is a young team that is enthusiastic and also finds mutual conviviality important. They immediately gave me the feeling of being of value on board their ships. In addition, they offer a training program and provide enthusiastic mentors to learn.”

Now a member of that team himself, Fromm is also happy to help the Sailors to become 1st Officer and to grow into 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Captain. His own support comes from Corporate Captains and Corporate Engineers.

“I can get help in all possible areas for the performance of my duties. If you are unfamiliar with the route, a corporate captain can accompany you for part of the journey. I can also go sailing on other waterways in Europe, and I am given many other opportunities within a program of continuing education. Of course, in addition to the beautiful trips, it is also hard work every day. Together with the hotel manager, the cruise manager, and the other professionals on board, we must always ensure that the planned trip is carried out seamlessly. Communication and cooperation are of the utmost importance. We all have to do it on board. Every member of the crew, our ‘family’ on board, is equally important.”

Ready to set sail

“On March 8, 2020, everything came to a sudden standstill due to Covid. Slowly we started up again and hopefully, we will get back on track this year. People have confidence after a very slow period and that is reflected in the bookings. Despite the crisis, Rivertech has retained ninety percent of its crew and with that, their knowledge. So my second season started at the Frankfurt-Basel itinerary. And that really felt like a party to me”.

Fromm is a firm believer in switching to the river cruise industry.

“If you take a position at Rivertech, you will be assisted in furthering your career by a superb team; you could not ask for anything more,” he claims.