Rivertech Academy

Rivertech Academy “Resource Management Masterclasses”

Starting in 2023, Rivertech will provide Resource Management Masterclasses for its senior officers. This is done from the Rivertech Academy, which is established for this purpose.

The masterclasses entitle you, after successful participation, to the internationally recognized Global Resource Management certificate of the All Academy, part of the Swedish Club P&I.  Rivertech, through cooperation with Nova Contract Scheepvaart, is the first Dutch Rivercruise Operator to make this prestigious certificate available to its captains.

The Masterclasses include a three-day program, which is offered over a period of two years. In the first year it is about two days, in the following year one day.

The masterclasses will be developed for the Rivertech Academy in 2022 by Nova Contract Scheepvaart, in direct consultation with the management and four senior captains of the Rivertech fleet, followed by further consultation with a larger group of Rivertech captains.

Two try-outs of the first two days of the masterclasses are planned for autumn 2022.

The Program

In the program, particular attention is given to communication and management techniques. All this with a focus on the cooperation between Captain, Tour Operator, and Hotel Manager, and with the procedural framework of the Rivertech Handbook as a starting point.

The program is based on the understanding that the Captain organizes his activities in such a way that passengers have a maximum high-quality travel experience from a safe and competent deployment of crew, ship, procedures, and protocols. The Captain is proactive and responds to circumstances as they present themselves to him.

Focus points in terms of management techniques are:

  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Situation-awareness
  • Dealing with different cultures
  • Personal attitude
  • How successes are achieved
  • How mistakes are made
  • Working from procedures
  • Working from missing procedures